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Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Marketing Concepts


Dear Renegade Millionaire,

Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Marketing Concepts

Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Marketing Concepts-Let’s get down to it: I’m going to let you in on a slightly different approach to selling you’ve probably have NEVER been taught… even from me.

These techniques come from a niche some may consider to be a little “shady”, unethical, and downright devious. And some of you might get downright offended and flick off your internet browser right now.

But if you’re like our most successful GKIC members who are always looking for marketing techniques they can “swipe and deploy” in their businesses…well, I’m going to let you in on a marketing arsenal that’ll allow you to boost your revenue and profits.

This is stuff I couldn’t simply publish in the “No B.S. Newsletter” and call it a day.

And I couldn’t sit down and hammer this out in a book or $297 product and expect to give these strategies the probative attention they deserved.

So I decided to do one thing:

I Decided To Reveal These “Under The Table”
Strategies At A Closed-Door, $5000-Per-Head
Seminar In March 2011!

You see, this could be HUGE for you and your business. And what I have to share with you is necessary NOW more than ever thanks to today’s “gutter” economy.

When you read every single word of this message, you’ll discover how to sell to your prospects better so you can boost your income, attract more clients and customers, and experience MORE wealth and prosperity in your business.

Now if you’re thinking it’s all about getting a lead generator and doing the “needle in a haystack” approach…where you use mass market advertising, and be satisfied with the 1-2% of people who are interested in your sales message to buy…

…or if you think I’m going to feed you the usual copywriting tricks like writing headlines full of “power words” or inserting hypnotic commands in your copy, then you’re sorely mistaken.

Because in this letter I’m going to present to you an alternative, very effective approach used by one of the most “cutthroat” businesses in the world.

This Is Stuff You’ve NEVER Heard
Before…Which Is Probably Why You’re Not Making
The Revenue You Desire!

You see, I’ve seen and done it all. I’ve been “pounding the pavement” for almost 40 years and am one of the “go-to” guys most marketers go to for advice.

And people gladly pay me $100,000 to $150,000 for copywriting—and shell out $18,800 to spend the day in order to pick my brain.

And I’ve had my hand in some of the world’s most profitable promotions via infomercials, direct mail…and, yes, even online.

Now I don’t say this to brag or boast. Just to let you know that I know what I’m talking about when it comes to how to attract customers and clients and get them to gladly pay you money for your product and service…

…something that 99.9% of businesspeople WISH they could do!

So the secrets I’m going to reveal in this letter could mean EVERYTHING to you. I know, because they were for my private clients… all of which whom have raked in a collective 1 BILLION dollars based on my “say so”.

But If You’re One Of “These” People
Then I Suggest You Close This Browser Now!

Now before I go on, I know there’s a faction out there who believes that all they have to do is hum Gregorian chants and think happy thoughts to achieve financial and business success.

This cannot be further from the truth!

You see, I’m a very practical guy. I don’t dabble around in “theory”…so I can leave you wandering around with your head cut off wondering what the HECK to do next.

I like to give you specific action steps you can take RIGHT NOW in order to build your business. No B.S. No “Fluffy Stuff”.

But that means you actually have to DO something. That’s right, you have to take action. That’s what my stuff is intended for—so if you’re going to read every single word of this message just as “entertainment” …and think to yourself…

“Hey, that Dan Kennedy guy has some really CUTE sayings!”

…then I suggest you flick off your browser and go watch Jersey Shore.

This message is for people who have a current business… or are thinking about starting one…and want to figure out how to sell ANYTHING better so you can:
Reach out to new prospects. The strategies I have to share with you will allow you to “Mass market” your product or service. Instead of trying to find the 1-2% of people who are “just right” for your service, you could capture up to 10-20% of market share almost overnight!

Reposition your business so you can attract more lucrative customers and prospects. You’ll be exposed to endless case studies and stories of companies and individuals who have created a “business within a business” thanks to the strategies I’m about to share with you. And a lot of times, it involved only a small “profit tweak” to make that happen. And most of the time, the 2nd business is more lucrative than the first!

Reinvent a stalled business. If your business has been stagnant the past couple years, then what I have to show you could be a breath of fresh air—allowing you to attract more clients and customers and get back on the right path of prosperity and abundance. This could mean EVERYTHING to you!

In other words, making money will be easier for you, and you’ll experience unparalleled sustainability, control, and confidence in your business.

Imagine that. Waking up in the morning excited…knowing you’re on the right path in your business—and not just “guessing”.

And knowing where you’re business is going to be 6-12 months from now—instead of fretting whether or not you’ll be able to meet payroll or pay the bills next month.

My clients and followers in GKIC who listen to me and take action on what I say have absolute autonomy in their businesses. They can do what they want, whatever they want, without anyone’s permission.

And I decided to hold a special “closed-door” 3-day seminar in March 2011 to reveal why there’s probably a canyon-sized gap between where your prospects “are” when you reach them…and where you “are” when you start your conversation with them with your sales message.

And how you can use these jealously-guarded secrets used by the most battle-hardened marketers to “close that gap”…so you can explode your sales and flick the “money” switch from difficult to easy.

And believe me, there IS a gap!

How A $289 Refund Revealed The TRUTH About
Where Prospects REALLY Are When You Begin Your
Conversation With Them:

Let me tell you a story from a while back: I got a refund request from a buyer who purchased Magnetic Marketing for $287 at one of my seminars in the late ‘90’s.

The letter was dated May 2nd 1997, and I still keep the letter to use at seminars for this specific reason.

The letter is from Hamco Professional Awning Maintenance Company. So this guy is in the Awning business and here’s his note:

A forlorn refund letter send to me by a customer who requested a $287 refund for Magnetic
marketing—showing where many of your prospects are mentally when they see your marketing

So something happened between the time he was jazzed up about Magnetic Marketing and made this purchase…

…to a few days later, where he snapped back to where he really was—which sounded like he was in some abject, suicidal despair.

Of course, I was happy to give him the refund. But this simple note speaks to where many of your prospects are when you approach them with your sales message.

And keep in mind this was a BUYER. Someone who actually yanked out his wallet and bought! So just imagine what was going in on the heads of people who didn’t buy.

Where Most Of Your Prospects REALLY
Are When You Approach Them With Your
Marketing Message:

You see, this story illustrates that there’s a Grand Canyon-sized gap between where your prospects are starting … versus where YOU are starting when you begin your conversation with them.

You probably assume your prospects are going to be downright EXCITED when they read your sales message—and are waiting to throw money at you at will…

…and that they’re going to be receptive and read every single word you have to say with unabated breath—as they enter the “slippery slide” all the way to the order button on your sales page.

No objections. No questions. And no skepticism.

And you’re probably assuming every single customer is going to be ambitious and willing to take immediate action when they get their hands on your product, or start using your service.

But the truth is you’re going to be pretty DARN depressed at just how disinterested most prospects REALLY are.

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