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Owners Hate The Hiring Process!

Local Job Board Killer Download

Local Job Board Killer Download-Lets face it, the hiring process is about as exciting as cleaning a toilet to most business owners…

Consider this; The average job opening attracts 250+ resumes, yet only 2% of those applicants will be called for an interview.

The interview process will take 22.9 days on average according to Glassdoor…

…and the entire process will take five to six weeks just to extend a job offer!

A good portion will turn down these job offers because of other opportunities… AND many of the new hires that happen to ‘stick’ will still be gone in 3 to 6 months!

These stats alone make the case for finding a better way.  And…

Local Businesses Are Ready For That “Better Way”.

According to one report, 50 percent of small business owners admit that hiring new employees is the top challenge they face this calendar year.

That makes hiring the biggest challenge – ahead of growing profits, providing healthcare, increasing revenue, and fixing cash flow issues!

But it gets Worse…

Small Local Businesses Face The BIGGEST Hiring Issues Of All!

Recruiting and hiring is never easy, but small businesses face an uphill battle when compared to larger organizations.

Their challenges include:

  • Lack of brand recognition. When a company like IBM, Amazon, Bank of America, or Apple wants to hire someone, the name alone attracts candidates. For small businesses with little brand recognition, it’s very challenging to compete with these bigger organizations.
  • Inexperience with hiring. Small businesses don’t have as much experience with hiring as larger companies, which makes it difficult to perfect good hiring practices.
  • Inability to offer competitive pay. Every candidate is looking for something different in an employer, but salary is always a chief concern. Independent local businesses usually have a smaller profit margin than large companies. This can mean a smaller payroll budget, which leads to lower-tier employees being paid less.
  • Lack of qualified talent. Because of the limited number of applicants for an opening in a small business, it’s sometimes hard to find qualified talent. Instead of getting specialists, they end up getting a bunch of general candidates who are average at everything, but skilled at nothing in particular.
  • Lack Of Advertising Skills. Most local businesses delegate recruiting responsibilities to someone woefully underqualified to do so. Not knowing what ads will work and attract QUALIFIED applicants dooms many campaigns.

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