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eCom Blueprint 2.0 by Gabriel St-Germain Review

Gabriel St- Germain course review


The course “Ecom Blueprint” is basically for taking our business to the next
level and having a proper mindset on doing business. It’s actually meant for the
drop shippers that want to “take things to the next level” to help them
increasing their sales.

This course deals with the teaching of marketing techniques that will help us to
expand the popularity of a particular product to have a vast majority of sales
and also that can be applied in the day to day business field.
So in this the person tell the case study about a product that is used to generate
vast majority of sales.


➢ A website which is having a wide range of products for posture corrector
is considered.
➢ Among these products there is a single product which is having vast
majority of sales and that Product is circulated by him through Facebook
and Instagram.
➢ Circulation means that he is marketting the product to the people.
➢ By this way he generated over a million in sales under 5 months in which
20% of that was the actual profit.


➢ 95% of the people fail within their first year because of the amount of
competition and lack of differentiation between the dropshippers.
➢ Unrealistic expectations, no winning mindset in place, no interest in ecommerce and online business of longtime can be the reasons for this.
➢ Expectations should be realistic and having mindset of doing it can be a
better way to grow a business.


➢ By this course we will learn how to brand a single product and how to
make the use of the Ads that demonstrates the growth of a particular
➢ This will also teach the launch and success of each product that can be
applied to our own business field.
➢ Apart from that it also enhances the Mindset of Success so that the things
that we do in the business will be with interest and also with the growth
of the people in this field.

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