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Trevor Fenner – High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass Review


Trevor Fenner – High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass course review

Trevor Fenner is a more recent name in the dropshipping market but after watching his course I think he has done a pretty great job in describing the complete nature of high ticket drop shipping in such a detailed manner.

The course is super lengthy with 27 modules.

Trevor has taken a very basic approach and has started with mindset creation and has also added with some case studies for a more better approach towards eCommerce business.

The 3rd module deals with the product curation strategy and he has taken a deeper approach for niche research and product selection and have also suggested the right product supplier platform for high ticket dropshipping.

For marketing, Trevor has taken Google Shopping ads for high ticket dropshipping. Because this type of marketing is more buying oriented.

Trevor Fenner – High-Ticket Drop Shipping Masterclass Review

The course also explains the mindset and angles that one should keep while creating ad videos or graphics or the store design. This has been explained by several video ad examples of the products.

The course also discuss setting ebay dropshipping alongside with the Shopify and creating extra sales. Whatever he has told in the course is in complete detail.

The major problem in the dropshipping business structure is the back orders or the chargebacks. Trevor tells us his ways of coping with the chargebacks and disputes and focusing on the long term customer value.

Overall the course is in great detail and describes the complete process of high ticket drop shipping in the most appropriate tone for a beginner.

My score is – 8/10

Price of the course is currently – $997

If you want to buy it at a much cheaper price check this out –

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